Ballad CD200S

CD-Player with valve power

This high end valve CD player is a bargain the world over and is the best sounding of its class. The CD-200 is CD, HDCD, CDr and CDrw compatible. The system switches automatically between CD and HDCD mode. Supplied with aluminium remote control.

Price: 899,-

Ballad CD200S

The CD 200Supreme is the tuned up version of the CD 200S, which is also supplied with aluminium remote control. With the souped up CD 200Supreme, over 50% of the components, including switches, have been upgraded. This places the CD 200Supreme firmly in the 3000,- Euro class. See for yourself.

Price: 1199,-

The even hotter CD 20S is also now available.

Price: 1.499,-

Now all our products in the CD200/CD20 range are available in both silver and black.