Ballad TA B1 300B

Single Ended Class A Tube Amplifier

Ballad TA B1 300B

Introducing Ballad Audio's latest bid for pole position in the realm of single ended class A tube amplifiers. A single ended valve amplifier with widely celebrated Full Music 300B, we are proud to unveil our newest brainchild; the Ballad TA-B1 Supreme 300B. Simply the best single ended system with the best 300B Full Music. German designed and constructed in part in Berlin, with designer look and remote control. This model follows in the footsteps of our successful Ballad TA-B1. It is a classic example of single ended valve switching, that uses the simplest and shortest circuitry and that adheres to tried and tested audio principles. The Ballad TA-B1 Supreme 300B returns maximal results, while delivering an almost unbelievable price to power output ratio.

Important technical points

Illuminated sound characteristics, wide and deep with extremely rich colour display, with detailed display for each instrumental tone. Instrumental and vocal reproductions are natural and realistic; direct, live and simultaneous but unobtrusive and not too analytical. As a high output, single ended valve amplifier, the musical timbres produced are warm, pleasant and highly dynamic. All in all, the sound quality is highly musical. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of 300B triodes and Full Music together.

· Designer style; chromed stainless steel housing, brilliantly polished.
· Includes remote control
· Expert craftsmanship, extremely large scale, several encased and extremely broad banded transformers
· Powerful and reliable ring transformer
· Top quality, manual source switch (relay free),
· Constructed with Mundorf Zinn-, Supreme, Silver-Öl KPs and Silver Mica capacitors
· Point to point circuit board.
· Amplifier housing and PCB protected from feedback
· Preamp valve dampener
· Preamp valves are Russian-American Gold Version valves

Output valves contemporary, best sounding and most stable with 300B Full Music (Silver Titan Mesh Plate) Triode vacuum tubes. 2x8W pure Class A valve power. Most suitable for high power output, full range LS and loud speaker cabinets.
Dimensions: approx. 430x350x290mm


TA-B1 300B, 1399,-
TA B1 300B Supreme, from 1799,- (as supplied with 300B valves)