Ballad TA B1-E

Tube power amp

Ballad TA-B1 E

The TA B1-E can be supplied with the following valves, according to your personal audio tastes: EL34, KT88, 6550EH and EL34EH. By altering the valves used in construction, differing audio characteristics will be produced.

With exclusive finishing touches:

Polished stainless steel housing reflects like a mirror. Polished stainless steel housing reflects like a mirror, with CNC and laser controlled metal working on the side.

Solid Aluminium control knobs

Black brushed and anodized aluminium front faceplate

(can also be supplied with chrome front faceplate and champagne coloured transformer caps/control knobs),

Infrared remote control

Output power 2x45W to 2x60W (nominal)
Dimensions: 430x200x400mm, Weight approximately 25 Kg


Ballad TA B1-E1:   on demand
Ballad TA B1-E1 Supreme:   on demand

Ballad TA B1-E2:   on demand
Ballad TA B1-E2 Supreme:   on demand