Ballad Ta b1-Mk3

Designer Tube Amplifier

Ballad Ta b1-Mk3

Ballad Audio's latest assault on the market leadership for middle range valve amplifiers. Introducing our newest development and second flagship:

Ballad TA-B1MK3/FB with E34L, 6CA7, 6L6 or KT66 valves. Made in Germany and partly manufactured in Berlin. With its designer look, this model is the successor to our most successful model; the Ballad TA-B1. By using marketing statistics and the feedback from hundreds of customers, we have been able to improve upon this design. After many modifications this model is heading towards perfection. The Ballad TA-B1 is an example of push-pull valve switching using the simplest and the shortest possible circuiting, inspired by well proven and well tested audio principles. This is coupled with unbelievable audio results and an almost impossible cost/ performance ratio. The short comings of the EL34 valves have been overcome. Now you can have soulful valve tones with optimal control throughout the complete audio spectrum. With the Ballad TA-B1 a great many audio tones are possible and the available output power is almost as high as with many KT88s.

The most important technical points are:

Iluminated sound characteristics, wide and deep and with fine details and precision points.

User friendly interface, direct, live, low key and not too analytical and not too dynamic, light and warm timbres. Highly musical sound characteristics with bright of highlights.

Optically pleasing design with a sleek, chromed and stainless steel housing. Remote control. Preamp with Chinese NOS or Russians/ American valves Goldversion 2x40W Vorstufenröhren mit chinesischen NOS oder mit russisch-amerikanischen Röhren Goldversion 2x40W

High powered, power amplifier valves with E34L (improved EL34s) Loudspeaker unspecific (from 80dB) Transformers can be changed on request Optional chrome front faceplate can be delivered on request (subject to additional charges).

Dimensions: approx. 43x35x22cm

Price: 1.399,-

Our TA-B1 Supreme is supplied assembled with Mundorf condensers (Price 1699,-)