Ballad SP6MKIV

Designer Tube Amp

Melody SP6MKIV

Tube amplifier with a silky, dynamic and dreamy valve tone. Excellent craftsmanship, with solid brushed aluminium and polished stainless steel housing and transformer housing. With chromed control knobs and gold plated audio jacks. This amplifier is suitable for loud speakers rated at least 87dB.
Special point of interest:
Loud speaker and HiEnd Headphone switching.

Technical Points of Interest:

Frequency 10-60KHz
220V~240 VDE/CE Standard
Preamp valves 4x6N1
Power amp valves 4x6L6GC
includes two 2 magic eyes as power and level display. Can also be supplied with Russian valves (subject to costs).

4x input jacks, 1x CD, 1x Tape, 1x Tuner und 1x Aux, output with loud speaker and headphone switching.

Weight 16Kg. (approx.)
With protective case

Price: 899,-