Ballad Prestige T-CD1

High-End Valve CD-Player

Ballad Prestige T-CD1

Ballad TCD1 Prestige
High-End Valve CD-Player

WWorldwide best sounding vacuum-valve CDP reference class. Extremely short circuiting, heavy duty chassis. The Ballad Prestige is CD, CDr and CDrw compatible.

Valves: 6922/E88CC doubletriode Class A
CD-Drive: Sony with Ballad modifikation
DAC-chipset: Burr-Brown PCM1792, 24 Bit 192 Khz
Analogue Output: XLR, RCA
Digital Output: RCA, BNC
Colour: silver or black
Infrared remote control, heavy duty

Dimensions: approx. 430 x 430 x 330 mm, weight: approx. 21 kg

Ballad Prestige T-CD1 1999,-
Tuned version: Ballad Prestige T-CD1S 2399,--